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High Accurate RTK GNSS Receiver Module, GPS Mouse

$18.75 $22.68 saving $3.93
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High Accurate RTK GNSS Receiver Module, GPS Mouse

$18.75 $22.68 saving $3.93
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Product Description

The BRG-RTK01 series has an embedded GNSS antenna, integrated single-frequency algorithm, and supports BDS/GPS or GPS/GLONASS dual
The satellite system, combined with the high-precision positioning service of the National Beidou Enhanced Network, can achieve real-time positioning accuracy at the decimeter level. Is a high-performance, specially customized
Multi-system navigation and positioning module, the module contains a high-performance satellite receiver chip that can support Beidou, GPS and Glonass at the same time; the module has an industry leader
Advanced -167dBm navigation sensitivity and A-GNSS service to achieve the best performance, while supporting it to be able to reach urban canyons and dense trees.
To excellent positioning accuracy.
With its excellent performance, the module can provide high-sensitivity, high-precision, and low-cost positioning for the manufacture of vehicle-mounted and portable handheld positioning terminal products.
Solutions such as positioning and navigation can meet the strict requirements of professional positioning.



GPS/BDS/QZSS multi-system reception

Ultra-high sensitivity: -165 dBm

NMEA protocol (default: 9600 bps)

Internal backup battery

Operating temperature range: -40 to 85℃ 

Size: 50.7* 48.5* 18.0mm

Get the fastest positioning time

Low power consumption

Better positioning accuracy and position effectiveness under weak signals